We love

We love riding them! We love fixing them! We love talking about them!
Our vision is to build that bike shop you go to for every bike related need you can think of.
Providing this solution for every cyclist allows us to share our passion for bikes and give back to the local community.

We love riding bikes…

As cyclists, riding our bikes is our number one priority. It’s the first thing we think about waking up, and the last thing we think about before bed.

Being part of the local riding community we are able to hear feedback from our peers that allows us to build what we do, around who we do it for.

We organise group rides and events around riding bikes and this information can be found by visiting SPC Rides and Events where you can book online and join us.

We have a Strava page and would love you to join so we can keep track of your rides and progress. Join by clicking SPC Strava Club.

We love fixing bikes…

You know that feeling of rolling out for a ride on that gleaming clean bike just after a service with everything in perfect working order. The joy and extra energy you have with gears shifting smoothly, consistent braking, clean silver chain nicely lubed and new tyres.

We believe for you to get this feeling the process should be as smooth as your new chain so we have scoured the earth and found the simplest online bike service booking system known to man!

Check it out by visiting SPC Bike Service.

We love talking about bikes…

We’ve built our bike shop around you. The cyclist. Pop in any time to talk about bikes with us or your friends. We have a secure place to park your bike, pick up your coffee from our coffee partner Atomic, feel free to grab a seat in our rider’s zone, with free WIFI and internet, shop supplied ipads or watch the latest cycling events on the plasma’s.

Your cycling break never looked so good!

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Mends St Arcade, 19-23 Mends St, South Perth, 6151

Service Centre

drop-off: via arcade car park on Harper Terrace

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