Timing is everything when it comes to cycling massage. Wait too long and those adhesions will tighten and multiply.

Before a big race or event: Contact us for a deep-tissue cycling specific massage three to five days before a physically demanding bike ride to break up adhesions and ensure your muscles move freely.

Long hours in the saddle and hard workouts can leave your muscles riddled with knots and scar tissue created as they repair themselves.

And because all your muscles are connected, those sore spots can spread throughout your body if not treated – a tight lower back creates an achy hip that leads to a twinged knee. That’s why so many cyclists swear by cycling massages.

A cycling specific massage can help loosen tight spots, flush toxic chemicals, and keep your fibers smooth and limber so you can ride pain free.

How They Work
When our massage therapist glides his or her hands across your muscles, blood vessels open and waste can be flushed. This helps reduce tenderness after a hard ride or workout.

The increase in blood flow speeds recovery from muscle injury by providing more nutrition to the tissue and maybe also by improving the removal of waste products.

Massages also have a rejuvenating effect. When muscles are stressed, the fibers of the fascia that cover them suffer micro-tears. As they heal, these fibers become stronger, but they also can form scar tissue, called adhesions, which can limit your range of motion and cause discomfort. Deep pressure applied by a therapist to the fascia breaks up these adhesions. You’re left feeling fresh and rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next big climb.

We also recommends going for an easy spin and then lightly rubbing your muscles one to two days before the event to boost blood flow and flush out waste. You can use your hands, a foam roller, or a massage stick.

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